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The 'Mineral Test Kit' - As used and recommended by the Diet Doctors

Minerals and Testing

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Minerals are essential to your life, but often, are ignored or misunderstood. Testing for a mineral deficiency or excess has mainly been done using blood tests that are invasive and expensive.

Using the innate and highly developed perception of your body, you can, by using the 'Mineral Test Kit', reliably determine your own mineral status. Most importantly, the 'Mineral Test Kit' identifies excess as well as deficiency, for as with all nutrients, inappropriate excess of one or more nutrients can have as many health consequences for you as deficiency.

This simple, elegant test provides you, your family and others with the ability to reliably monitor your mineral status and the effectiveness of your mineral replacement therapy, so ensuring optimal mineral status.


Minerals, such as chromium and zinc, if lower than optimal will affect many functions in your body including your taste, and your blood sugar balance. A disruption of either can lead to food cravings and constant desire for sweet foods, making losing weight even harder. Read more about weight and minerals.Vitamin C has also been shown to be an effective component in the aim of losing weight. Read the latest information on Vitamin C and weight loss click.


Your energy production is also dependant on minerals, a less than optimal level of minerals in your body can lead to you feeling 'tired all the time', making exercise, an essential component of any weight loss programme very hard to do. Minerals work synergistically, meaning that too much as well as too little of one mineral will affect the functioning of the others. This can make mineral status a 'best guess' process, the 'Mineral Test Kit' removes the guess work for you and helps you achieve the best health and weight control outcomes.

The 'Mineral Test Kit' comes ready to use and can easily be recharged with the supplied liquid ionic minerals. Up to 30 tests per bottle of each of the eight essential mineral solutions can be performed before they need to be refilled.

Knowing whether you have too much is as important as knowing if you have too little, the 'Mineral Test Kit' gives you the information immediately, allowing you to make a considered judgment about your dietary and supplement choices. Read more about fatigue.

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Once a deficiency is identified, then replacement with highly absorbable, effective minerals is recommended together with a change in food choice to include mineral rich foods.

BodyBio® Inc has produced a matching range of liquid minerals that have repeatedly demonstrated in clinical experience to effectively and safely replace your missing minerals. These same liquid minerals are also used to replenish the 'Mineral Test Kit', to allow for its repeated re-use.

Your minerals can now be assessed, replaced and monitored, by one simple daily process, saving money, maintaining optimal mineral status and keeping your mineral health at the highest level possible. You can see why thousands of nutritionally orientated clinicians, including the Diet Doctors, are confident to recommend the 'Mineral Test Kit'The Diet Doctors

As seen and used on Channel Five's highly successful Diet Doctors programme. To achieve the best and fastest restoration of health and weight the Diet Doctors test all their patients with the 'Mineral Test Kit' to help them to give the best recommendations for supplementation and food choice. Go to the Channel Five Diet Doctors' web site, to see how the participants improved their health and weight